ARCAM exists to bring the highest fidelity reproduction of music
and movies into people’s lives. We are committed to engineering products that deliver a level of audio performance that is so convincing and lifelike, it connects you straight to the emotional power of the music.

Established in Cambridge in 1976, we are proud of our excellent track record for innovation and engineering world-class products from the ground up, as well as our reputation for long-term product support and service.

ARCAM was founded through a passion for music, to be able to
experience great sound and hear the quality of music as it was initially recorded. It was a fresh and clear ambition that drove the inception of the company: to save the world from bad sound and to support talented British artists and performers with the equipment and systems that they truly deserved. Grounded in this proud history of musical talent, ARCAM set out to celebrate sound in its purest and most genuine form.


Enthusiasm for music reproduction lies at the heart of everything we do. Over the years, we have built an outstanding team of gifted and passionate engineers who have poured their hearts and souls into products that deliver a quality of reproduction that has won countless awards around the world.

For 40 years, we have been developing and making descendants of the amplifier, where our story began in consumer electronics with the iconic A60. And, for almost 30 years we’ve been developing and making CD players. As far back as 1995, we expanded into home cinema electronics, developing a world-class reputation for designing some of the best-sounding AV electronics.



The Arcam HDA range of separate components has real pedigree. Arcam started making stereo amplifiers in the 1970s and since inception, we pride ourselves on engineering systems that are transparent and faithful to the original sound. The ultra-low levels of distortion and noise that these systems exhibit deliver a natural but highly detailed result which allows you to listen and be swept along by the power and majesty of an orchestra in flow.

Our goal is to serve the music makers faithfully. Attention to the detail in all aspects of circuit design, layout, part quality and mechanical isolation plays a crucial role in delivering a result that will thrill and delight all who listen. An ARCAM HDA system is an investment in music that will repay the owner many times over in listening pleasure.

ARCAM stereo components offer class-leading performance from all sources, from traditional vinyl up to digital audio streaming solutions. Despite this, there is no compromise on the the flexibility offered to the end-user.