The Challenge:

When Zouk Singapore, Asia’s number one nightclub, moved to its new location, it needed help planning lighting systems that would adhere to local conservation restrictions. Zouk’s owners turned to Martin by HARMAN to help design solutions for the club that not only met the expectations of Zouk, but also abided by the local historic guidelines. Zouk wanted to ensure that their façade and internal lighting would gain the attention of visitors who frequently thronged the popular Clarke Quay area.

“For the main room, we had a weight limitation so we had to work out an idea that used materials that were practical for this project. Another important point was that we had to create a design that did not block the view of the party-goers from the second-floor balconies. Finding the balance between keeping to the original design and ensuring good visibility, as well as the weight limitations was definitely a challenge,” said Rebecca Sanchez Pastor, founder of LEDSCONTROL.

The main challenge was time. LEDSCONTROL had a very short lead time to install all the equipment, but with the support of the Zouk team and all other vendors/contractors, they were able to deliver on time without compromising on the quality of the finishes.

The Solution:

Zouk’s facade features a range of Martin lighting solutions that include the Exterior Linear 1200 Graze RGBW, Exterior Wash 110 RGBW, Exterior 100 IP68 Narrow, Martin VC Dot 4 RGB and a custom Zouk Gobo. A Martin M-PC controller was used to pre-programmed the different moods and projection ranging from static colors to animation and low-resolution media solutions to enable the facade to have its own distinct feature.

The entrance to the club features Rush Wizard and Rush DC Aqua fixtures. The Rush Wizard, which can be triggered by music, delivers more than 80 agile light beams, each beam chasing the other while continuously changing color and gobo patterns. Complementing the effect of the Rush Wizard, the Rush DC Aqua projects brilliant aquatic decoration effects, offering a variety of ranging moods – from chill to warm and from a silent trickle to a surging waterfall. The idea is to get the clubbers right into the mood as they arrive at the entrance.

Martin lighting solutions can also be found at Bar 4 of Zouk, Capital dance floor and the Zouk dance floor. The Zouk dance floor features a massive centerpiece lighting structure, affectionately called the “Mothership”. A custom installation designed and programmed by Barcelona based lighting design firm, LEDSCONTROL, the centerpiece was constructed around the idea of creating a sensational piece that could bring about cosmic immersion of light and dance. The diameter of this centerpiece is over 22 feet x 3 feet (7 meters x 1.20 meters). Meticulously pieced together in Barcelona with lightweight aluminum , the structure can create Infinitive number of patterns across a 360-degree view, resulting in an infinite possibility of lighting combinations. It features 18 units of Martin Professional Atomic 3000 LED fixtures. The structure is surrounded by eight perimeter pieces that are shaped like arrows that are intended to draw the crowd into the center of the room where the journey into a cosmic exploration of sights and sounds will take place.

Additionally, LEDSCONTROL was also responsible for the lighting design for the other spaces within Zouk and worked with Martin Professional for the facade, Bar 4 and the Capital dance floor. The Martin Professional team delivered the equipment on time and helped with the set-up for Capital and the facade.

The Impact:

“The Martin team provided with great support, going beyond the call of duty and we had a great experience working with them,” said Sanchez Pastor.

“HARMAN Professional Solutions is privileged to be associated with an iconic name such as Zouk. Our solutions were able to meet their high expectations as well as keep in line with the regulations from the authorities. Martin architectural lighting truly enhances the space and our mix of facade solutions and internal solutions provided the appropriate look and feel and importantly consistency in color and brightness. These lights are the first thing that guests will notice and it is important that they evoke high expectations of what is waiting for them and elevate their experience once inside,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC.



The Opportunity:

Located on a small private island, offshore from Phu Quoc Island, the Rock Island Club, part of Nam Nghi Resort is an outdoor eating, drinking and dancing venue that offers a 360-degree panorama of Phu Quoc’s beautiful coastline and a mesmerizing ocean view. The club is renowned for its team of mixologists and chefs, who craft innovative cocktails and provide a contemporary culinary experience. Management recently decided to upgrade the Club’s sound and lighting with the intention of turning Rock Island Club into an international party destination.

The Solution:

Rock Island Club’s management hired Ba Sao Audio to design and install a complete HARMAN audio and lighting system made up of JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft, and Martin solutions. The HARMAN system includes JBL Control 31 two-way loudspeakers, which are paired with JBL PRX418S subwoofers to reinforce the bottom end. The system is powered by Crown DriveCore Install and CTs 2000 amplifiers. Audio processing is provided by BSSSoundweb London BLU-100 and BLU-50 signal processors, and a BSS Ethernet controller is used for signal routing. Audio is mixed on Soundcraft Signature 16 consoles. The lighting solution features numerous Martin by HARMAN fixtures, including the RUSH Aqua compact LED, the RUSH Wizard “full-house” effect light, and the RUSH Multibeam 2 LED effect light.

The Impact:

“Club and DJ events require a comprehensive range of high-quality audio products that provide exquisite sound quality,” said Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO, Ba Sao Investment. “The HARMAN solutions work perfectly for the venue, and the system allows the guests to enjoy crystal-clear music, not only onstage, but in the entire building. HARMAN’s wide range of brands provided us with a great deal of flexibility, which has helped turn the Rock Island Club into an incredible party venue.”

“We chose iconic brands by HARMAN Professional Solutions because we wanted premium AV solutions that would provide a unique experience to our guests," said the spokesperson for Nam Nghi Resort. “No other venue in the city is so well-equipped to provide a scintillating party experience. We hope to make Rock Island Club a party destination so famous that people will mention it in the same breath as Rock Bar in Bali, or Café Del Mar on the Spanish party isle of Ibiza.”



The Opportunity

Opened in January, RYU Bar is one of the latest additions to the popular nightlife scene in the bustling city of Gurgaon. Named after the Japanese word for “dragon,” RYU Bar delivers a pan-Asian experience, bringing together food, cocktails, music and décor from Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian cultures. To ensure immersive sound throughout the main space, rooftop terrace and private lounges, the owner hired AM Integrated Solutions and GRS AV Solutions to install a complete HARMAN Professional sound system, consisting of JBLloudspeakers and subwoofers, Crown amplifiers and BSS digital audio processors.

The Solution

In order to meet the client’s volume requirements and work within the limited height of the venue, the installation team required a compact PA design with high SPL output and balanced coverage. AM Integrated Solutions and GRS AV Solution outfitted the main venue space with four JBL AC28/26 two-way loudspeakers and two ASB6128 double 18-inch subwoofers.

To extend the sound into the connected lounge area, the team installed three JBL AC18/26 loudspeakers and a compact ASB6118 subwoofer. Two additional JBL AC18/26 loudspeakers provide soft background music for guests in the private dining room, while the rooftop terrace utilizes an array of durable JBL Control 28-1L indoor/outdoor speakers for high-SPL music. The entire system is powered by Crown DCi 2|2400N, DCi 4|1250N and DCi 8|600N amplifiers, and networked with BSS Soundweb London BLU-50 and BLU-10 digital signal processors.

The Impact

“RYU was a uniquely challenging project for us, in terms of finding ways around the venue’s low height limitations while meeting the client’s vision of a bar that transforms into a nightclub in the evening,” said Aashish Mahindru, Consultant, AM Integrated Solutions. “I am very happy with what the compact JBL AC28 speakers and ASB6128 subwoofers deliver with some excellent sound tuning.”

“A great club venue relies on three things for its success—interiors and ambience; food and beverage; and sound and lights,” said G.S. Anand, Co-Founder & Director, RYU Bar. “With the first two parts taken care of, we were extremely satisfied with the highly responsive service and support from Aashish and AM Integrated Solutions, and the great products and excellent sound from HARMAN Professional Solutions.”