BAT VK80i Tube Integrated Amplifier


BAT VK80i Tube Integrated Amplifier is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Balanced Audio Technology is pleased to introduce its long-awaited tube integrated amplifier. The BAT VK80i features an all triode-balanced architecture that immediately differentiates its sonic performance from the competition. The graceful industrial design is based on BAT’s flagship REX 3 system and incorporates internally many of the technological advances first introduced in the REX series. The BAT VK80i is a plug-and-play amplifier that uses the same fuse-less protection and automatic-bias circuits found in the REX 3 Power amplifier. The VK80i is simply a beautiful looking, wonderful sounding easy to use tube integrated amplifier.

6C33C-B triode output tube with fully balanced signal path

Delivering 55 watts per channel, the VK80i uses the 6C33C-B triode output tube for power delivery. The powerhouse 6C33C-B vacuum tube offers many times the current delivery of the 6550/KT90 tetrode tube variant used in most traditional tube integrated amplifiers. By using the same high-current triode 6C33C-B tube employed in BAT’s flagship REX 3 Power amplifier, the VK80i delivers the high-current performance required to drive even difficult low-impedance speaker loads. This all triode fully balanced design provides a natural portrayal of harmonic texture and instrumental timbre. Your recordings will sound more alive while simultaneously yielding greater finesse, grace, and inner detail.

“Fuse-less” protection circuit for enhanced sound and user-friendly operation

In the event an output tube becomes over-stressed, all you need to do is turn the VK80i off and on again to restore normal operation. That’s it. The elimination of internal channel and tube fuses also contributes to a greater sense of ease and more natural reproduction of music. One isn’t restricted by the “sound” or the quality of the fuse that is normally placed in the signal path of an amplifier channel. Upon first listen you’ll agree “Fuse-less” is indeed the best way forward.

Intelligent auto-bias design makes operation easy

The advanced engineering within the VK80i eliminates the traditional headache associated with most vacuum-tube power amplifiers—specifically, the constant need to set and readjust the proper bias of the output tubes. The VK80i features an intelligent automatic bias design that adjusts for changing line voltage and aging tubes, with each output tube having its own dedicated bias circuit. The auto-bias circuit also ensures your VK80i sounds wonderful within the first few minutes of listening.

In summary, the fuse-less protection circuit in the VK80i combined with a world-class automatic-bias circuit eliminates the constant need to set and readjust the proper bias of the output tubes. No tubes to bias. No tube or channel fuses to replace. Enjoy the full function remote control to even set the brightness level of the front-panel display. This is engineering from BAT’s reference products applied to superb effect in the VK80i all tube integrated amplifier. The sum of this engineering excellence is an amplifier with the midrange clarity, power, and dynamics that have made BAT one of the most respected brands in high-end audio.

All you need to do is listen!