JBL L100


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Retro is in, and that’s a fact not lost on JBL. Established in 1946, the company is one of the oldest hi-fi manufacturers around. Over the years, it has made some mightily impressive speakers for use in recording studios, concert venues, cinemas and, of course, the home, but the original L100 remains the most iconic product the company has ever made.

The L100 came out in 1970 and sold by the truckload, becoming the best selling model in the brand’s history. It also entered into pop culture as the speaker shown in the famous Maxell ad, with the man seated in a chair experiencing a tornado like force of sound coming from the JBLs.

Fortunately, JBL understands that retro appeal and romance only get you so far. Though the Classics are carefully designed to emulate their predecessor’s appearance and size, they are an all-new design using the best current technology and engineering the company can deliver at the price.