VK-56 and VK-56SE Power Amplifiers


VK-56 and VK-56SE Power Amplifiers is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Balanced Audio Technology is pleased to introduce the VK-56 and VK-56SE power amplifiers. The Balanced Audio Technology VK-56 is BAT’s entry level tube amplifier - yet offers a full complement of the technology used in BAT’s reference REX II Power amplifier – from the all triode circuit topology, to the same high current 6C33C-B output tubes and industry leading automatic bias circuit. The VK-56 offers a compelling and engaging reproduction of the finest recorded nuance for music lovers seeking BAT’s trademark musical sound in a component of extraordinary value. The fully balanced VK-56SE power amplifier further extends the strength of this Special Edition design by providing the same “fuse-less” protection circuit used in BAT’s flagship REX II Power amplifier. This novel electronic protection circuit eliminates the power- supply rail fuses to provide both a more refined sonic performance and supremely friendly user experience. All you have to do in the event of an output tube being over-stressed is to flip the power switch to restore normal operation. This fuse-less protection circuit is matched with the same world-class automatic-bias circuit used in the VK-56 amplifier to eliminate the constant need to set and readjust the proper bias of the output tubes. No tubes to bias. No tube fuses to replace. This ultimate simplicity of operation in the VK-56SE is combined with vacuum-tube current sources for the first gain stage to provide a greater level of finesse in the reproduction of musical texture than the already soulful VK-56 power amplifier.

Both amplifiers feature a graceful rear arch as well as silver color option to further raise the bar on BAT’s industrial design. Available in stereo or monoblock versions, the VK-56 and VK-56SE power amplifiers are now shipping to discerning music lovers throughout the world.